What Midlands Therapy Services can do for Your Child


Our focus is on assisting the patient and their family in achieving the best possible health care outcomes in the most comfortable and stimulating setting available. Midlands Therapy Services, Inc. (MTS) offers the highest level of therapy services to children in need. We currently offer programs conducted in a natural environment setting throughout South Carolina.

As a parent you can expect that our highly qualified and board certified therapists will design individualized plans for your child. Each therapist will carefully evaluate these plans on an ongoing basis in order to provide your child with the best care possible. If your child requires multiple services our staff and therapists will work with you to coordinate a schedule that best accommodates your needs.

Midlands Therapy Services accepts referrals from parents, agencies, pediatricians, and family doctors. Please call and we can assist with all referral information needed. We also work with other professionals, such as child service coordinators, early interventionists, and special needs agencies to make sure your child has access to every service they may require.



Speech Therapy

Our state licensed Speech Language Pathologist are trained to evaluate and treat a variety of speech, voice, and language disorders.


Physical Therapy

Our state licensed Physical
Therapists will evaluate and treat the needs of the pediatric
population through a wide variety of modalities.


Occupational Therapy

Our state licensed Occupational Therapists will evaluate, organize, and conduct medically prescribed occupational therapy to pediatric and adolescent age children.

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