How to get Started

Midlands Therapy Services accepts referrals from parents, doctors, Babynet, health departments and other state agencies serving children in SC.

  • We encourage all families and physicians to also refer directly to us when referring to the Babynet program
  • Midlands Therapy can offer evaluations quicker, and start services if warranted while the parents proceed through the Babynet program.
  • Your concern’s about your child’s speech / language, gross or fine motor skills will be addressed quickly by our licensed therapists while you wait for the Babynet paperwork to be processed


  • Call our office at (803) 359-3195. We will get some basic information from you during this phone call. We will also need:
  • A Prescription or order of referral from your child’s primary physician. You may get this yourself, or we can request it from your physician for you.
  • A copy of your primary insurance and/or your child’s Medicaid card. If your child is covered under your insurance AND has Medicaid, please have both cards. Medicaid requires us to bill the primary insurance first before they will pay for services.
  • We currently accept: Fee for Service Medicaid, SC Solutions, First Choice, Absolute Total Care, and United Healthcare Community Plan. We also bill all commercial insurances.
  • Complete and sign the New Patient Forms (also available in Espanol)

Even though we bill all commercial insurances, not all insurance companies pay for services. We do offer a discounted rate for families who pay in full at time of service.

Once we get all of the appropriate information, we will assign a therapist to your child.
The therapist will call you to set up your child’s first appointment. We look forward to serving your child and your family!